Studio Hart is a contemporary gallery and an inspirational atelier; a place where the eye gets to travel, the imagination is triggered and where one feels at ease. It was essential to Anouk to create a peaceful, day-light studio that anyone visiting pretty much didn’t want to leave anymore. With soft light filtering in from all angles, a little green patio at the very heart of the space and carefully art-clad walls. In the end that sense of joy and serenity is reflected in the work that is created in this studio in the picturesque city center of Amsterdam. Located on the canals, yet on a quiet street by the water in between the locals.


Our Space is available for rent as daylight studio for collection launches, meetings and private dinners. Feel free to contact us for more information and pictures of the current studio look.


Studio Hart

Lauriergracht 138 H
1016 RT Amsterdam
T: +31651562216


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