Anouk Hart is a self-taught, visionary photographer who works conceptually from A to Z. While her core focus is photography – digital with an analog, tactile feel as if you could nearly touch, feel, taste it – she immerses the viewer into a world all her own by art directing the whole look.


The Amsterdam-based artist is happiest when exploring new places and capturing the art of life, a fleeting beauty – in an image within an image or a few images besides each other that tell a story together.


Her aesthetic seamlessly merges the dreamlike with the contemporary. Strong lines, jewel tones against cool greys. Though she has a background in fashion, her pictures forego classic fashion imagery. Better yet, they are an exploration of sculptural shapes, surprising textures and contrasting shadows as to make the viewer look twice. It also portrays her take on the feminine. She’s drawn to organic, rounded outlines. Yet also visualizes a female identity that’s never fully pinned down but forever transforming – a silhouette distorted through sliced-up glass, near invisible because of a skirt swept up by the wind or collaging techniques.


Anouk’s favorite types of work are intimate portraits, still life’s that ooze a sense of humanity and art photography inspired by architecture and nature.

Clients include AHLEM | Repossi | Rika | Salle Privée | Wandler |  L’Officiel | Harper’s Bazaar | Somewhere Magazine

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Email: info@studio-hart.com

Instagram: @anoukhart